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The Meaning of Work

The meaning of work


“Media” – the biggest mind molder

iREVOLUTION is here to provide support to upcoming content creators – via awards, film camps, film festivals, training and conferences.
An online portal is available for participants to upload their documentaries and films www.filmfreeway.com/festival/irevfilmcontest.

KMEC raising and influencing the next generation of creators and innovators

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The Spheres of Influence

There are 7 spheres of influence that have been identified by scholars and transformation analysts – Government, Religion, Education, Family, Media, Arts and Entertainment and Business/IT. These spheres of influence are very critical in any societal transformation, a few of them are referred to as mind molders, these are containers that the world uses to shape our thinking.

for any transformation to occur in any society or economy, these spheres of influence have to be manned by fully equipped change agents….Oyin Osundina.

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